British Fascial Symposium 2018

British Fascial Symposium 2018

Week 13 - McDonald's french fries and Smoke

BFS LecturePosted by Allissa Harter Wed, April 18, 2018 16:03:00

“Fascia: where it lives and what lives in it.”

Blog #13 - Sunday 1 april 2018
“McDonald's french fries and Smoke”

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Elon Musk was correct: 1st Principles Analysis
“Take the most fundamental truths in a particular arena, almost indisputably correct, reason up from there to a conclusion. And if one sees that the conclusion is at odds with most opinion, then one has an opportunity.”

“Allissa, where and how do small stone pebbles in Roman Concrete, crystals in chocolate, microbes in cheese fit into the discussion of Fascia?!” one says, “The breadcrumb trail seems to be waning.”

Yes, I agree. My intended path of showing video of the Beef Fat I rendered to cook my husband’s french fries, has indeed, diverged.

After listening to Malcolm Gladwell proclaim his love and heartbreak for McDonalds, I became interested in the taste of french fries cooked in beef fat in 2017. There were two episodes of Mr. Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History that transformed my thought process, “McDonald’s Broke My Heart” and “The Basement Tapes”.

The First one: Due to public pressure and the health science of the day, McDonalds transformed the cooking process of their french fries from the beloved Beef Fat to Hydrogenated Vegetable cooking oil.

The Second one: An American doctor and serious researcher, Ivan Frantz, ran a double blind randomized controlled trial from 1968-1973 in Minnesota called the Minnesota Coronary Experiment (MCE). Patients who lived in one nursing home and six state mental hospitals were were fed controlled food. The method: replace saturated fat with vegetable oil rich in linoleum acid (corn oil and corn polyunsaturated margarine). The goal: reduce coronary heart disease and death by lowering serum cholesterol. The resulting data and autopsy records sat in boxes in the author’s house for years. Finally, the data was published in 2016 in BMJ 2016;353:i1246.

The conclusion of the Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial did not match with the “thinking of the day” regarding fats. The results showed, “There was no evidence of benefit in the intervention group for coronary atherosclerosis or myocardial infarcts.”

Medicine and health care evolve. At one time, in the late 1800’s, there were brigades of rescuers at the ready off the banks of the THAMES river in London. They were dedicated to saving the lives of drowning victims using the “thinking of the day". It was known nicotine was a stimulant, so the theory followed if a drowned victim should have a puff of tobacco, then the effects could be excitatory. The victim, therefore, would regain consciousness.

The rescue devices were set up in stations along the river bank. Should a misfortunate accident occur, the rescuer would insert the tobacco tube into the victim’s anus then puff on the other end to create the tobacco smoke. This was later discontinued as a rescue method, but the phrase, “Blowing Smoke Up Your Butt” remains today.

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Allissa from Iowa, Living in Sweden

Book: "Quackery" by Lydia Kang
The phrase: "Blowing Smoke Up Your Butt"
ISBN-13: 978-0761189817