British Fascial Symposium 2018

British Fascial Symposium 2018

Week 15 - Thinking of Today

BFS LecturePosted by Allissa Harter Sun, April 22, 2018 10:49:24

“Fascia: where it lives and what lives in it.”

Blog #15 - Sunday 15 april 2018
Thinking of Today: Did NOT support Matthew Sanford
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There are 10 systems of the body which regulate functions, give us form, and maintain life. This is the Thinking of Today.

Human Body 101 | National Geographic
Published on Dec 1, 2017
How does the human body work? What roles do the digestive, reproductive, and other systems play? Learn about human anatomy and the complex processes that help your body function.

Researcher and Functional Neurobiologist Dr. Bud Craig from America has worked with the people at the Neurological Clinic Hospital in Linköping, Sweden (Anders Blomqvist). They are learning more about the pathway from the body to the Brain’s Insula. Dr. Craig discovered this pathway in 1990. The Insula is a like a master GPS which receives satellite signals from connective tissues all over the body.

Is the Interoception pathway part of the Nervous System? Or does it belong to another system? An entirely NEW system?

Matthew Sanford was not told of Interoception nor the Fascial System at age 13. The discovery of the CORRECT pathway of Interoception to the Insula was years after Matthew’s life changing car accident.

Matthew was told by the doctors he could not feel. The thinking of the day was: Matthew’s thoracic spinal cord was severed at T4, T5 and T6; therefore, Matthew was unable to have nerves fire and connect. He could not feel.

No one shared with Matthew, there was another way his body was sending information to his brain about his environment and surroundings. He said he could feel. But the thinking of the day, told him to stop this thinking. It took Matthew 12 years to reconnect to his body. It was after he dropped the “Thinking of Today” to pursue listening to his body when conscious mindfulness began.

It is time to proceed to the next stage of thinking.
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Allissa from Iowa, Living in Sweden

Matthew Sanford -- Transform 2009 - Mind Body Awareness
Mayo Clinic - Published on Feb 28, 2013
Matthew Sanford, the founder of Mind Body Solutions, speaks about the connection between the mind and body at Transform 2009, a symposium sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.

@ 08:40 “Trauma disconnects the mind from the body.”

@ 09:20 “I'm being told that I've severed my spinal cord and that's the devastating injury at T 4,5,6. And I am being told I have no sensation in my whole body; in my body below my point of injury. That basically that mind-body relation from my point of injuries is over. And I - I’m a 13 year old boy and I'm sitting there thinking I don't know if that’s true. I feel something I feel it's a tingling or a hum. And you know, it’s not like other sensations, but it's real. I have it. So I tell the doctors about it.”

@ 10:59 “They [neurology residents] poke me in my arm and then they poked me in my foot. And say, “does it feel the same?” And I’m getting ashamed now and humiliated for thinking and I could have sensation with a severed spinal cord. And I say, “No.” And they say, “See they are not real.”