British Fascial Symposium 2018

British Fascial Symposium 2018

Wk 18, blog 18a - Fascia is a Bridge

BFS LecturePosted by Allissa Harter Tue, May 01, 2018 09:12:35

“Fascia: where it lives and what lives in it.”

Blog #18a - tisdag den 1 maj 2018
“Fascia is a Bridge”
count down to Week #19, 13 of May 2018 - British Fascial Symposium lecture

Fascia is a Bridge to all sorts of professions. The Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia held in November 2015 at Harvard’s OSHER Center was one Bridge.

Brooke Thomas hosted a show for Body Nerds like me to hear from incredible practitioners and researchers in the Sciences, Movement and BodyWork professions. Liberated Body had 70 episodes over 3 years. The eternal Somanaut she is; Brooke is involved with other wonderful projects,

Liberated Body - by Brooke Thomas
December 8, 2015

“One day of presentations was held at Harvard Medical School in Boston, several weeks after the Fourth International Fascia Research Congress in Reston, VA. For the first time, three Societies came together - Fascia Research Society, Society for Acupuncture Research, and the Society for Integrative Oncology to explore the relationship between fascia and cancer. Approximately 575 people attended, more than anticipated by organizers.

A total of ten presenters from the three Societies led discussions through this loop of relationships (graphic). Presenters were not limited to their own research; instead they wove together research with their experience. Each presentation was related to the prior. Every presenter had 30 minutes; the day closed with a panel discussion.

Here are some highlights from each presenter. Note: this is not a detailed reporting of the lectures, but do click on the link at the name of each researcher to access a list of their publications which will take you deeper into their work.”

Another Bridge is the work on Interoception by Bud Craig, PhD (blog #17). Fascia is bridging BodyWorkers to neuroscientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists and more. Although I cannot find reference in Bud Craig’s book that Interoception is carried by the Fascia to spinal cord, all arrows point to Fascia’s structure as having sensing capabilities. “How Do You Feel? An Interoceptive Moment with Your Neurobiological Self”

A pointing arrow is MIT Professor Rosalind Picard as she discusses her team’s development of a skin conductance tool. An unexpected moment led the team to measurements from a student’s autistic brother who had a grand mal seizure. The seizure was on one side of his brain, but the opposite arm reflected the seizure. Her talk is enlightening to say the least.

Pretty Cool Stuff! Thank you for reading,
Allissa from Iowa, Living in Sweden

Brain Activity Revealed Through Your Skin: Stress, Sleep, & Seizures | Rosalind Picard
TEDx Talks - Published on Feb 26, 2016
Rosalind is a professor at the MIT Media Lab. She is credited with starting the field of Affective Computing, giving computers emotional intelligence. She also developed the first wearables that sense affective data and can help people with epilepsy, autism, and too much stress in their lives. Her inventions have led to start-up companies such as Affectiva and Empatica.
Listen at:
@05:19 - How can you be excited on one side of your body and not the other? This just didn't make sense!
@06:13 - I'm on the phone with Dr. Joe Madsen head of Neurosurgery Children's Hospital in Boston. “Hi Dr. Madsen. My name is Rosalind Picard. Could you tell me if it is it possible that somebody could have a huge sympathetic nervous system surge many minutes before a grand mal seizure?”
He says, “Probably not. But you know, we’ve sometimes had patients who have hair stand on end on one arm before a seizure.” I said, “On one arm?!”