British Fascial Symposium 2018

British Fascial Symposium 2018

Fascia: where it lives and what lives in it.

BFS LecturePosted by Allissa Harter Mon, May 07, 2018 21:17:08

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"Fascia: where it lives and what lives in it."
måndag den 7 may 2018

This lecture will present a unique view of the fascial web under the skin and between the organs and present key visual aids from researchers, medical doctors, scientists, and others.

The lecture will provoke the audience through awe and possible disgust to question and view the fascia and extracellular matrix as a living organism in its own dimension.

More than 4,000 years ago, the theory of the four humors of the human body (black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood) dominated Egyptian thought. It passed into Greek, Roman, and Islamic medicine and eventually became the underpinning of Western medicine until the mid-19th century. (Mütter Museum in Philadelphia,

Are we ready to Turn the Page of Medicine? Let us take a look at the Fascia and who or what lives in it?

I grew up being told facts. As I grew up, these facts became the “Thinking of Yesterday”. The reason facts become myths is because there is someone or many someone’s asking questions. Really? Are we certain? How can that be? Let us test the facts!

Elon Musk’s 1st Principles Analysis: Take the most fundamental truths in a particular arena, almost indisputably correct, reason up from there to a conclusion. And if one sees that the conclusion is at odds with most opinion, then one has an opportunity.

John Lewis’ book, ‘A.T. Still, from Dry Bones to the Living Man’ is one of the most influential books to read from front to back and back to front. The more Dr. Still understood about the human body, the more he could help people. In his time, medicine could kill as well as addict those who were prescribed a remedy. He wanted to pass along his knowledge. All were welcome to attend his school, women and men, lay people and professionally trained medical people alike. Those who could pay tuition and those who could not pay were also welcomed.

There was a requirement: a passion to help others find health.

Dr. Still, M.D. indicated working with Fascia is working with the branch offices of the Brain. In 6 short lectures at the British Fascial Symposium, we will look for the keys to the Kingdom.

1 Entrainment - Senses - Interoception Matthew Sanford
2 Oscillations
3 Genes & Twins
4 Bones / stones
5 Fluid flow
6 TITTA och LYSSNA is Swedish for Look and Listen

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