British Fascial Symposium 2018

British Fascial Symposium 2018

BLOG v26A - review of Jante's Law

BFS LecturePosted by Allissa Harter Wed, June 27, 2018 09:38:32

Blog v26A - 2018
“A review of Jante's Law #9 and Nicklas” by Allissa Harter from Iowa, Living in Sweden
Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

This is a follow up to a previous Blog:
“Pause…Blog A. Law of Jante #9” written Friday, March 16, 2018

In Nordic countries there is the Law of Jante. A Danish author, Aksel Nielsen, wrote a fictional story in 1933, and these laws became part of the Scandinavian drinking water.

Law #9: You are not to think anyone cares about you.

I saw Nicklas on Thursday April 26, 2018 days prior to the British Fascia Symposium (BFS). Nicklas was going to see his primary care provider to get the blood test results from his 2nd blood test of B12 levels done on February 20th and to discuss a date for his right hand carpal tunnel surgery. He had carpal tunnel surgery a year prior on May 4th on his left hand.

On Monday, May 14, I returned from the BFS. I was full of excitement and possibilities. Some excitement dwindled, an unexpected kick to the stomach happened on Wednesday, May 16th. The forum for my new education of MELT Hand and Foot classes were cancelled. Wellness Corner, the outlet to be used, announced bankruptcy.

Upon seeing Nicklas May 17th, the excitement came back. His recent visit to the doctor revealed B12 blood test results from the February test to be 300; almost double the test from December 2017 of 131. Upon the Dec 2017 visit, Nicklas started a prescribption of Behepan, cyanokobalamin, man made B12. The scale in Sweden for ideal B12 is between 150-500.

Nicklas was standing in front of me, pain free in the neck. He stated that his legs felt more stable and able to support him. His right heel spur and low back were the current issues, could we address those areas today?

“REALLY?!” I said, “Wow! You are doing very well.” Yes, he had been walking without canes for a while. In fact, he could not remember the last time he used them. His hands had been giving him fits of pain, but the doctors were discussing carpal tunnel surgery on the right hand to remedy the issue.

“Nicklas……… do you realize, I have not seen you this way since we met in March 2017? Why do you think you are doing so well?” A shrug was the answer.

“Could it be, your B12 levels are finally at a better level than before?” I asked. “Perhaps.” he responded.

FAST FORWARD to June 21, 2018….. “WHAT?!” I exclaimed!

After our last appointment on the 17th of May, Nicklas’ B12 prescription had run out. There were no more refills. It had been possibly 3 or 4 weeks without taking supplemental B12.

On June 21, 2018, Nicklas walked in with a back brace. He needed it to walk, to sit, to support him, and to get up from a sitting position. UGH! WHAT?

Perhaps I want it to be so simple as to disminish his pain with something like B12. But take a look at what B12 is…..our microbes inside of us make it. Cyankobalamin is man made B12 made from fermenting bacteria. We take it orally in more concentrated doses and the body functions better.

HOW is a massage therapist supposed to help a body, if the body does not have what it needs to function at the certain level?! Why am I so frustrated about this???!

One, angry at medicine for not Seeing Beyond the Light. Perhaps carpal tunnel surgery is the answer for his hand, but a year later and his left hand scar feels like razor blades cutting him when he moves his wrist in a certain direction. TWO, his doctor should listen better and educate him more. A doctor is a teacher, Latin verb docēre ’to teach’. In Swedish en läkare, a doctor eller en lärare, a teacher. Same, same, but different.


see Blog 11- for more info of bacterial fermentation of B12
Blog #11 - Sunday 18 mars 2018
"Bacteria and the Human Eye"

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